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OVERVIEW: Use this form to enter the Best Website category, IJEA Newspaper and Digital News Media Contest. Asterisks indicate fields in which a response is required.

DIGITAL CATEGORY: Best Website is a digital-only category. Digital media (including the online versions of hybrid publications) may each submit ONLY ONE entry in this category.

IF YOU ADVISE A HYBRID PUBLICATION: Please note that if your publication has both a print and digital version, the digital version may submit one entry in this category.

NOTE: An entry consists of the URL of the publication's website.

DESCRIPTION: For a description of this and other digital categories, click here.

2022 DEADLINE: All entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on March 15, 2022.

REMINDER: Please make sure you have completed our Adviser Information Form before submitting your students' contest entries. Only one submission of the Adviser Information Form is required, regardless of how many categories your students compete in.

  • NOTE: You are responsible for making sure this URL is correct. If it does not work, the entry will not be judged.

    REMINDER TO ADVISERS OF HYBRID PUBLICATIONS: The online version of your publication may submit one entry in this category.

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