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Illinois Journalism Education Association, 2501 Chatham Road, Suite 200, Springfield, IL 62704

Illinois JEA

Illinois Journalism Education Association, 2501 Chatham Road, Suite 200, Springfield, IL 62704

Illinois JEA

Illinois Journalism Education Association, 2501 Chatham Road, Suite 200, Springfield, IL 62704

Illinois JEA

IJEA All-State Journalism Team

Click Here to Access the All-State Online Nomination Form
(One submission form for advisers and students)

Submission Deadline for 2025 IJEA All-State Team:
11:59 p.m. Sunday, March 30, 2025


What Is the All-State Journalism Team?

Since the spring of 2005, the Illinois Journalism Education Association has named an All-State Journalism Team, recognizing those students who have proven themselves indispensable to their respective school media (e.g., yearbook, print or online newspaper, print or online newsmagazine, broadcast or other journalistic media).

IJEA began the All-State Journalism Team as a way to recognize those students who are “most valuable players” — those students whose leadership, energy, dedication and expertise make their publications possible but whose main contributions often occur behind the scenes. This is what makes the All-State Team different from other high school journalism honors. It’s not about the byline. We’re not selecting this year’s best writer, photographer, designer or broadcaster — although many All-State honorees would do just fine in those kinds of contests!

Instead, we’re choosing those student journalists who’ve put their publications ahead of themselves. They’re the ones who are willing to sacrifice their spare time to make sure other people’s stories are well edited. They’re the ones who make sure a publication’s pages are smartly designed, the headlines witty, the photos well composed, the website up to date and easy to navigate, the videos smoothly produced and the information in every story accurate. They’re the ones who don’t seek recognition but deserve it most of all.



All Illinois student journalists in grades 9-12 are eligible to be nominated by their advisers, who must be members of the Illinois Journalism Education Association. Nominations may not exceed two students per school. If two students are nominated from the same school, they must represent different publications or programs (e.g., yearbook and newspaper).


IJEA Membership Requirement for Advisers

Nominating advisers must be IJEA members.

To join IJEA for the 2024-25 school year, complete and submit our online membership form OR our PDF membership form. In either case, send your $25 membership fee to: Susan Bookless, IJEA Treasurer, 11420 West Chetlain Lane, Galena, IL 61036. All necessary payment instructions are included in the membership forms.


Selection Process

Students must be nominated by their adviser to be considered for the All-State Journalism Team. A committee consisting of professional journalists will select the winners. For a student to be considered, the following items must be submitted:

  • Online nomination form. This form will ask for information from both the adviser (nominator) and student (nominee).
  • A nomination statement in which the adviser discusses why the student should be named to the IJEA All-State Journalism Team.
  • Three student work samples from the current school year.
  • A brief text document in which the student discusses the background and significance of each work sample.
  • An essay in which the student discusses her or his journalism activities during the current school year.
  • A color “headshot” photo of the student, to be posted on the IJEA website and in the IJEA newsletter if the student is selected.
  • A $10 nomination fee. Payment instructions are included in the nomination form.


Deadline for Entry

For the 2025 All-State competition, the online nomination form and all supporting documents must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 30, 2025.



IJEA will notify the selected All-State Team members and their advisers in early May.


Award Presentation

The team is honored each year in Springfield at a luncheon co-hosted by IJEA and the Illinois Press Foundation.

Each member of the All-State Journalism Team receives a plaque. All members, their parents and advisers are invited to the event. IJEA is grateful for the continued support of the IPF.


Previous IJEA All-State Journalism Teams

Our next honorees will join a long line of distinguished high school journalists who have earned All-State recognition since the competition began during the 2004-05 school year. Congratulations to all of our past winners, and we look forward to honoring many more outstanding scholastic journalists in the years to come!

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