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ADVISERS: This form will provide the administrators of the IJEA Newspaper & Digital News Media Contest with important information about your publication, your school and your IJEA membership status. Asterisks indicate fields in which a response is required.

REMINDER: Only one submission of this form is required, regardless of how many categories your students compete in.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS: For an overview of how this contest is organized, click here. For instructions on how to submit entries, click here. For directions concerning PDFs, see "How to Create PDFs," "How to Reduce the Size of PDFs" and "How to Upload PDFs." If you still have questions, click here.

NOTE: We must receive this form before we can process your students' contest entries.

DEADLINE: This information form and all contest entry forms must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on March 15 of the current school year.

  • NOTE: List your preferred address — school or personal. This is how we will contact you if we have any questions.

  • NOTE: This is optional. Fill this out only if you think we would have trouble reaching you by email.

  • NOTE: Use current IHSA figures if you are unsure. You can find those figures in the IHSA school directory.

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Adviser Information Form (Required)