We’re looking for a new home

Is your university or college interested in serving as IJEA's new headquarters? Are you interested in being IJEA's next executive director? If so, contact us with your proposal by Jan. 22.


Eastern Illinois University in Charleston has hosted the Illinois Journalism Education Association since 1988.

After 30 years of being hosted by Eastern Illinois University’s Department of Journalism, the Illinois Journalism Education Association is ready to look for a new home and a new executive director.

State funding shortages and increased institutional obligations make it difficult for our current executive director, EIU Journalism Chair Dr. Sally Renaud, to maintain her position.

While this not a welcome change for us, we recognize that it has to be done. That said, the Board of Directors is choosing to approach this change progressively and with excitement.

That’s where you — the university and college journalism educators throughout Illinois — come in.

If you would like to be the executive director of the IJEA and your university or community college is interested in being the home and headquarters of IJEA, we’d like to hear from you.

Our needs are simple. We need office space for an executive director. Not too much is required: a filing cabinet and a bookshelf for supplies, materials for contests, etc., a computer to complete official business, access to a copier and custodial and secretarial services.

The major functions of the IJEA executive director are to support the operation and administration of the Board of Directors by advising and informing board members and responding to membership needs. A list of specific primary duties of the executive director can be found here.

Suggested qualifications include experience with scholastic journalism, experience managing an organization, strong program management skills and strong written and oral communication skills.

Send us your proposal by Jan. 22. Include your vision for the position and the headquarters and how your school would support such an endeavor.

The Executive Board will review proposals prior to the Feb. 23 Board of Directors meeting. Candidates might be invited to present proposals at that meeting. The IJEA’s goal is to announce its decision by March 15.

Send materials or inquires to IJEA President John Gonczy. If you have questions, please contact Gonczy at [email protected].